And never sitting still.

At Faith Church, we recognize that it’s important to never stand still.

So we encourage every member, or guest, to be a part of something that will keep you moving spiritually. That’s where Growth Groups and Bible Studies are hard at play within Faith Church. We provide a multitude of Growth Groups at the beginning and end of each year. In the middle, we provide all kinds of activities, opportunities for growth, and Bible Studies!

We also recognize that kids and youth need to be spiritually active too!

So we’ve built programming to help kids to explore the Bible and dig into its meaning. We want our kids to have a strong foundation for their life and we believe it is only through Christ that they can get it.  The teen years can be hard and confusing, so we’ve created youth groups to build a net of connections and friendships rooted in Christ to support youth in these hard years. It also never hurts to have fun with Christian friends too… and there’s plenty of that!

So jump in and explore the many opportunities for you to grow in your faith and walk towards perfection!