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Children are important and we recognize this at Faith Church. Children are the future of the Faith, so it is essential that they be given a firm foundation in the faith so that they may walk in the way that leads to life. This is the vow that every person at Faith Church makes when we welcome a new child into the church family and we make sure that we uphold this vow.


At Faith Church we believe in the importance of using our gifts to serve the world. We believe it is important that we do the pious stuff, like going to worship praying and reading the Bible, but only focusing on the pious stuff is only focusing on half a faith.


Giving is a part of our Christian faith. Jesus taught us to give generously and openly so that the Kingdom may be advanced and brought here to Earth. We believe giving is something that should be a part of every person’s life.


At Faith Church, we recognize that it’s important to never stand still. So we encourage every member, or guest, to be a part of something that will keep you moving spiritually. That’s where Growth Groups and Bible Studies are hard at play within Faith Church. We provide a multitude of Growth Groups at the beginning and end of each year. In the middle, we provide all kinds of activities, opportunities for growth, and Bible Studies!


At Faith Church, you can expect a service that embraces the many ways people worship. In worship, you’ll hear some of the songs you’ve heard on the radio, but you’ll also hear that hymn you used to sing when you were little. We believe in a worship service which allows for people of every kind to connect with God, so we have both traditional and contemporary music.

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I grew up in a very conservative church where women were not encouraged to be involved in ministry. I never thought that sharing the Good News was something that God had called me to do. Once I joined the church and became more involved, Rev. Joel asked me to consider becoming a lay speaker. This simple question caused a major shift in my life and changed my relationship with God because suddenly I felt encouraged and supported as I let myself believe for the first time what God may have given me the gift of public speaking for. Faith Church has changed my life and brought me closer to God by encouraging me to invest in my faith and use the gifts He has given me.

Kelly Isaacson
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About us

At Faith United Methodist Church, we are bringing Christ to a broken and shattered world. We are being the body of Christ on earth. We are living out our faith, through ministries such as Harbor House Crisis Shelters, Noah’s Ark Day Care Center, and our Food Pantry. We are loving our neighbors. We are living out Jesus’ call and making disciples. We are transforming the world.

How has Faith Church changed lives?

When I came to Faith United Church I was lost, broken-hearted and God was not a priority in my life. Now, some years later, I can say that God has become a “real” part of my life. I now am a servant as opposed to being the master of my life. Rev. Joel’s teachings have served as an inspiration. I have found a home at Faith Church!

Michael Strauman

I was going through a difficult time. My faith was really low at the time, but I kept going to Faith Church. My faith kept growing and I knew I was going to get through it with the support from my pastor and my church family. I have grown into my faith and now spreading my faith to others and it’s all thanks to my church family!

Katie Hoyt

I came to Faith Church 16 years ago for a visit and have been there ever since. This church has become my family. I was searching for somewhere I felt welcome and a closer feeling to God. I had been raised in another denomination that was cold and not welcoming: I did not feel close to God. I needed more. Here I found a closer feeling to God through working in the different ministries.

Patty Olbert-Guist

Faith Church has helped me to get more social and has helped me heal physically and mentally.

Marques Foix

The community outreach has been a blessing those who serve. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus and Faith UMC provides many opportunities for people to serve. The prayer shawl Ministry has been a wonderful aid to my prayer life.

Evelyn Hagfedlt

Faith Church has brought me closer to God through the many ministries. I enjoy serving God through helping others. My favorite ministry to help with is the Meal Outreach Ministry. Serving food to those who are hungry with a smile. God has given me many opportunities to serve his people through Faith United Methodist Church. I proud to say I am a part of this church family!

Amanda Patzer